Where and how often do the conversations take place?

Mentoring can take place on-site at the mentor or mentee in German or English language. Online conversations via Zoom, Skype, Threema or Signal are also possible and effective.


Continuous support is recommendable, especially in the beginning phase of the process work and in challenging change processes of professional and / or private nature. A generally valid recommendation about "how often" cannot be made, as each mentee comes to mentoring with his or her own pace and questions.


What is the professional fee for mentoring?

The per hour fees depend on the site where mentoring is done, on the individual solvency plus additional costs such as traveling expenses etc.

In getting-to-know-one another-processes or introductions to myself donations are possible and requested.



What payment methods are available?

For payments and donations two different payments methods are available:


1. EU SEPA transfer to my bank account


Recipient: Jürgen Grosse-Puppendahl
-Intended purpose of your transfer-
IBAN: DE16 390 500 0000 150 600 31
Sparkasse Aachen


 2. PayPal

Please go to PayPal, register or login, choose send money, type my name in the search box and carry out the transfer by indicating the intended purpose of your transfer.