Jürgen Große-Puppendahl is a mentor, a catalyst for change, and photographer.


In conscious co-generating with mentees Jürgen contributes to catalysing emergent viable conditions for individuals who are dedicated to find new pathways in a complex world in extending their scale of choices and decision makings. This results in one's own leadership (@) work and in life!

      "Working with Jürgen was joyful and powerful for me. His profound knowledge of organizations, his curiosity and joy of
       learning, his careful, attentive way of dealing with people and words, his dedication to the project and the client, as
                                                     well as the always pleasant co-creation at eye level make collaboration easy and uncomplicated.  This togetherness is
                                                     felt by the client and thus important spaces of possibility are created." U.M.


Jürgen worked for more than three decades in large and medium-sized enterprises in international sales and marketing, in a public environmental authority, and as a self-employed organisational counsellor also in a public administration.


He got trained in Systemic Organisational Counselling against the background of the Metatheory of Change at Hephaistos Coaching Zentrum in Munich. He graduated in the studies of Conflicts and Peace at Hagen University, Environment & Education at Rostock University, and Electrical Engineering at University of Applied Sciences Münster.


By applying Western and Eastern wisdom and personal development practices for more than 30 years he has gained a sound awareness, sublime presence and observation excellence which finds also artistic expression in his love for photography.


Jürgen is a seasoned mentor and catalyst for change, warm-hearted, joyous, and truthful.